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Open source projects:
A high-level interface to the Janet scripting language in D.
A more guidelines-compliant variation of qntm's hatetris, written in D.
Misc. D modules
A few D modules I've made: Cayley-Dickson construction, quaternions, and a wrapper around an arbitrary value that lets you set that value using a function called entirely in a separate thread.
Dwarf Fortress material helper
A little webpage which lets one put in real-life material info and get a Dwarf Fortress material out of it.
Dwarf fortress mods:
Fantastic Mini-mods
A grab-bag of smaller mods that didn't quite fit into other mods. Usually rather simple raw fare; unlike the other mods here, this one wasn't mostly made by me as an excuse to flex my technical abilities.
Dragon Ball Z mod
A Dragon Ball Z mod that I started when I was 17 and got waaaaaay beyond the originally planned scope. Has a fully-featured transformations system built on top of another fully-featured ki system, both written in Lua using DFHack.
Homestuck mod
My first ever programming project, unfortunately. Also grew outside of scope, so hard that unlike the DBZ mod I no longer find myself able to support it. Features a new relationship system built by hacking on top of Dwarf Fortress's, a new in-game semi-economy based on goings-on elsewhere in your fortress's civilization, 144 hand-coded class/aspect combos (this was a mistake), procedurally generated combination attacks based on each of those (also a mistake), and an entire custom skills system built to support this, all in Lua.
SCP mod
Less a mod and more a series of tech demos. Demonstration of Dwarf Fortress's unused multiple-souls vector with Dr. Bright; the robustness of Dwarf Fortress's materials system with SCP-294; demonstration of how complicated behavior can be replicated with mere interactions with SCP-173; and so on and so forth. Has the beginnings of a more "management-sim" like system in the form of "trust points" that can be gained by successfully containing SCPs and spent on equipment, safer SCPs etc.
Stuff I've contributed to:
Citadel Station 13
A simulationist social deduction game. I'm a maintainer for this particular fork; NSFW. Actual programming work done includes overhauling the "dynamic" game mode to be more responsive to changes in game state, a port of C++-implemented atmospherics and optimization of NSFW game systems nobody else wanted to touch.
A high-level memory hacking library for Dwarf Fortress. All of the mods on this page use it extensively. I've contributed various scripts and occasional data structure research to it. My excessive use of DFHack in modding eventually made me come to the realization that it's less "modding" that I enjoy and more "creating game systems that interact with existing game systems", which is why I'm a Space Station 13 maintainer now.