You have to get from the left side to the right. Red tiles are impassible. Yellow tiles are electric (impassible). Green tiles do nothing (because I'm not implementing a battle system). Orange tiles make you smell like oranges. Blue tiles are water tiles, which are electrified when adjacent to yellow tiles and are full of piranhas that like oranges; if you're orange scented, no-go. Purple tiles are slippery; you'll go right through them to the next tile. the lemon-scented soap will wash away your orange smell; piranhas do not like lemon scent. Pink tiles do nothing.

Puzzle rules from Undertale; you should play it if you've ever played a video game in your life.

character graphics don't show up until you move once for reasons unknown; don't worry if you don't see yourself. Also, wider tile mazes take way, way longer to properly generate a maze for.

Click the generate button to begin!